At Dukakit, we are driven by a vision to empower businesses, recognizing the unique challenges faced by SMEs in today's dynamic market.

We know first-hand the challenges of managing a business and we are here to shake that up for the better.

Our Mission

We solve the complex challenges of managing a business. We believe that running a business should be easy-peasy for everyone. No business owner should be left out.

Our Commitment

Our commitment extends to providing a suite of services tailored to modern enterprises, including user-friendly point-of-sale systems, seamless payment processing, insightful business analytics, and innovative financial solutions. We understand the importance of optimizing operations, managing transactions efficiently, and achieving success in the digital landscape.

Our Goal

Our primary goal at Dukakit is to redefine the landscape of business management, placing emphasis on inclusivity and affordability. We are committed to supporting SMEs that often find themselves overlooked, ensuring accessibility without the burden of significant upfront investments. With Dukakit, we aim to revolutionize the start of your business management journey, requiring nothing more than a smartphone and an internet connection.

Embark on a journey of possibilities with Dukakit’s innovative tools, crafted in response to the evolving needs of contemporary businesses. Join us in our mission to make business management a seamless and efficient experience, intricately tailored to meet the distinctive requirements of SMEs.

Our Values

Innovate every day – Our best days are the ones when we innovate and ship. Every person on the team is a creator and can roll up their sleeves to help build a better product and company. We believe that making daily progress leads to extraordinary results.

Share knowledge – We believe that we are always learning, and that in order to learn, we must share what we know. We share knowledge within our teams and throughout the company. We also share knowledge with the general public, particularly marketers, on how to best push a product to the top and close the best deals.

Do it to the best of your ability – When we decide to do something, we raise the bar. We iterate our way to excellence. When we can’t, we say no. When we say yes, we go all in to reach our full potential. We have a good time while doing the best work of our lives.